[2013.7.20]ピックアップアーティストメッセージ:大和田葉子[flute] Pick up artist message : Yoko Owada, flute




Photo:Chikao Todoroki

Dress:Kei Katsura




  これを機に、改めて深い感謝と、3・11の災害で失ってしまった私の過去の記録も甦らせるため、FLUTE MESSAGE FROM YOKOのシリーズを英訳も付してまとめて再リリースすることとしました。 また、この特別演奏当日、会場で心温まる友好スピーチもして下さった藤崎駐米大使(当時)、この催しを企画され実現に至るまで多大なるご支援を下さった東芝アメリカ社藤井会長(当時)、アッカート・ワシントン・ナショナルギャラリー音楽部門長と関在米日本大使館広報文化センター所長には重ねてここに謝辞を呈します。





A Few Words ... on the New Release of My CD

 On April 13, 2012, Friday,12:10 pm, I was blessed with the opportunity to realize an extremely significant performance commemorating the centennial donation of the Japanese cherry trees to the US in Washington, D.C., coupled with the special exhibition of Ito Jakuchu, the extraordinarily gifted Japanese painter of the mid-Edo period at the National Gallery of Art. It was only after I returned to Japan that I realized that I owed the success of spreading my sound of space in the serenity of the gallery to the dedication, efforts, devotion of my past teachers and co-performers, many of whom have passed away, and to the fact that many people who have watched over me, in making it possible for me to continue my work.

I decided to release this CD as a token of deep appreciation and requiem to all my teachers and those who have performed with me in this recording whom I deeply honor and love. It is also a symbol of regenerating my past which I lost in the disaster of March 11, 2011, this time complete with English translations.
I would also like to express my sincerest appreciation to former Ambassador Fujisaki, who made a most heart-warming speech for this concert; TOSHIBA America, former CEO Mr.Fujii; Mr. Ackert, Head of the Music Department of the National Gallery; and Ms.Seki, Director of the Japan Information and Culture Center, Embassy of Japan, Washington,D.C. who all supported me tremendously.

Yoko Owada